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What is Healthy Africa?

Healthy Africa is a coalition of motivated writers around the world who share the same passion to help improve the healthcare in Africa and other areas.

We discuss topics such as education on health issues, disease, illnesses, and other topics that are relevant. Our writers are knowledgeable about the topic and we all wish to provide a realistic solution to the problems we face.

Health issues are important because they affect our youth and our future. The state of health in Africa and around the world require attention from leaders and the community. We aim to inspire young men and women, students, to join this effort to educate about the health issues that need to be addressed.

We put an emphasis on a preventive approach because we believe diseases and illnesses can easily be prevented. The cost of treatment is much more expensive than prevention. We aim to build clean and healthy communities, sanitary water, and hygienic environmental conditions through the discussions we post here.

Our goal is to improve all areas related to health through initiatives led by the youth and to create a community that works together in peace and health.

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