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Four Stress Management Techniques for Family Including Tapping

One thing about family is the fact that you are born into them. It means you may end up having to deal with people who cause you undue amounts of stress. While it is sometimes easy to shut them out, there are probably other times when you can’t do that and it feels overwhelming. If you want to find a way to get a better handle on stress management techniques for the family, try these ideas.

1. Share Your Feelings

Sometimes you family drives you mad, yet they have no idea that they are having this effect on you. There is a chance that they would make some changes if they were aware of how you felt. It is not always easy, but try to be open with them about what is going on with you.

For instance, if you are stressed because your son or daughter always leaves things lying around, address the issue before allowing it to fester and cause you more stress than necessary.

2. Take A Walk

Sitting around waiting for the world to change is pretty pointless, especially if the things that are causing you stress are not preventable. In families, things like crying babies, loads of laundry and cleaning up after others can make you feel like you are losing your mind. One way to reduce your stress would be to take some time away from the situation, relax and regroup.

Taking a walk around the block is a good way to burn off excess negative energy. It will also give you time to think about the situation and figure out a healthy way to address it.

3. Laugh It Off

While it is perfectly normal to be stressed about certain things, that does not mean you should allow everything in your life to push you to the edge. Before you allow yourself to get upset about something, ask yourself if it is truly worth all of this. If it isn’t, try to find some humor in the situation and focus on that. Having a good laugh will sometimes make something that seems so huge and bothersome become trivial and unimportant.

4. Use Tapping to Reduce Stress

There are special stress management techniques that you can exercise together with your family. One of them is EFT Tapping that involves tapping on parts of your body that are known to help reduce stress. This technique is easy to do and it also makes you pronounce sentences about what is causing you stress. Doing group Tapping together with a family opens up any issues you have with each other that you can talk about calmly and lovingly while doing the exercise.

5. Seek Out Professional Help

If you feel like you are taking steps to ease your stress and it is not working, you may need professional help. This may seem a bit extreme, especially in the context of family, but it happens. It is often difficult for people to see things as someone would who was outside of the situation, and this is where a therapist can come in. Having your family sitting down and talk about things with an impartial party may be the step that is needed to boost the overall dynamics of the unit.

It is easy to become stressed out when dealing with your family, but it should not take complete control over your life. Use the coping mechanisms here if you want to find a way to interact with your family in a way that is healthy for all involved.