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3 Steps to Manifesting Good Health Every Day

Manifesting health is a choice available to you when you are dealing with a sickness or illness. It’s not new knowledge that healing the body involves healing the mind as the first step. The way you feel in your mind affects what you feel in your body and can become a sickness if you don’t prevent thinking about negative thoughts.

You can negatively affect your immune system when you allow stress and negative thoughts to linger in your mind. It becomes easier for diseases to fall upon you when your immune system is not strong. Perhaps you have heard the stories of other people who fall ill when they are carrying heavy burden that makes them angry, sad, or stressful. If you want to stay healthy and avoid falling ill, don’t keep negative thoughts for long inside your head and in your heart.

Since it’s possible for negative thoughts to negatively affect your health, then it’s also true that positive thoughts can positive affect your body.
When you maintain positive thoughts in your mind, your body follows it
and produces a strong immune system. In some rare instances, positive
thinking can result in spontaneous remission – instantaneous healing of a serious, even terminal illness.

Positive thoughts help to manifest health not because a miracle happens. You have higher motivation and drive to live a healthy life when you start to think in a good way. You become inspired to avoid harmful foods and eat whole, healthy foods. You start to exercise to flush the toxins out of your body. You begin to better respect your body and give it the proper nutrition and rest it needs to thrive.

Now that you know that positive thoughts can help to manifest health,
you can follow these three steps to manifest good health every day:

1. Be aware of your thoughts

You know that negative thoughts can harm your health if you think
about it for too long. When you have a negative thought pop up in your
mind, be aware of it and let it go. If it’s about something that you can
control and can take immediate action, then take that action. But if
it’s something you can’t control or you have no immediate course of
action, then let it go. Replace your negative thoughts with positive
thoughts about what you can do and have faith that you can solve the

2. Say positive sentences in front of a mirror

Many top success coaches recommend using the technique of saying positive sentences while looking at yourself in the mirror. It may not be easy to do at first, especially if you feel funny talking to your reflection. But looking at your reflection in the eye and saying reinforcing messages, strengthens your body and immune system. You can begin with simple sentences, like “I love you” once a day in the morning, and continue with long sentences that contain specific empowering messages. Propel Your Wealth on Facebook of shares inspiring quotes and affirmations that you can use.

3. Express gratitude and practice loving yourself

It’s not easy to love yourself. We live in a world where winners get
good prizes and losers go home with nothing. We think that the winners
are people who are rich, famous, and are influential in their society.
Feeling like a loser in various areas of your life will make it
difficult for you to love yourself and very easy for negative thoughts
to plague your mind.

Begin to be grateful for what you have and what you can do. Express
gratitude for the health that you have, even if you are suffering from a
disease (focus on what your body can still do despite of your physical
limitations). Say “I love you” in front of a mirror, and say “I forgive
you” if you are carrying feelings of guilt or shame because of past
mistakes. You can use the sentence “I restore my health to a perfect and
new condition for my mind, body, and soul.”

The three steps above is a simple routine you can do in the morning when you wake up. Begin to notice what thoughts you think about first thing in the morning. If the thoughts are negative, replace them with positive thoughts and say those positive thoughts in front of a mirror. You won’t become perfectly healthy in a day, but in the long term you will begin to feel miraculous changes in your life. You can try listening to the 15 Minute Manifestation sounds to help you manifest good health at